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Compakto Sheet Loaders

The Compakto 36/18 Sheet Loading System works with the CNC nesting router to lift and position sheets up to 3600 x 1800 x 32mm.

In conjunction with the CNC controller, the unit automatically picks up the material from a designated area and transports it safely onto the work centre. The unit positions the sheet against the side and back stops and automatically starts the CNC.

With the sheets lifted off the pack using vacuum, there is no damage to sheets or the machine, which can happen with manual handling.

This solution ensures there is no operator intervention when lifting from the ‘stack' to the machine. No intervention means lean manufacturing and higher profits.

Handles sheet sizes:

2400 x 1200mm
3600 x 1200mm
3600 x 1800mm
2400 x 1800mm

Max sheet weight: 200kg

Includes positioning against the machine stops.

Loading time is less than 30 seconds.

The SL36/18 can be installed on either side of the CNC.


Benefits of a Compakto Automatic Loader

It is fast - the Compakto Sheet Loader will start the CNC 30 seconds after the CNC has pushed of the previous job..

The machinery sets the pace rather than the operator.

No manual handling, even when loading 3600x1800x32mm sheets.

The Compakto Sheet Loader lifts the sheet using vacuum, which ensures there is no scratching.

Occupational health and safety: no heavy lifting means no back injuries.

The SL36/18 sheet loader can be fitted to all brands of nesting routers. It can be fitted to work from left to right and right to left.

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